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Here are some of our more Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • 1. Where do I even start Conference Planning?

    There's plenty of reasons to put on an event whether its to increase revenue, educational seminar for staff and members, networking opportunity for likeminded professionals or an incentive for staff and/or members of your association. Make sure you're clear about your event objectives as a starting point.

    From here, it's now time to put a budget in place and get planning! This is the perfect time to start looking for a great Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) that can work with you.

  • 2. How much time do we need to plan for a conference?

    Time is crucial and conference planning takes longer than you think!

    We would recommend allowing a 12- 18 month lead time for a conference and 4-12 months for a smaller business event. There's added benefits to being well prepared; you'll get first choice of venue and dates, first choice of speakers and there's much less stress (leave the stressing to us, anyway!)

  • 3. How much does it cost to run a conference?

    The main factors to consider when planning your conference are:

    What is a reasonable price for delegate registration? How many people will attend? Will sponsorship subsidise your costs?

    Once you've devised a budget income, you can plan your expenses. More often than not, the largest conference expenses you will incur are venue hire, catering and speaker fees and travel for international speakers.

  • 4. How many people can attend our business event or conference?

    The number of attendees will largely depend on the venue you have selected for your event. When considering your venue make sure you think about what type of floor plan you want to host your event in; classroom, theatre, banquet or cabaret. This will change the number of people that fit and how many people will be able to attend your event!

  • 5. What is a PCO?

    Not to be confused with a Police Custody Officer, a Professional Conference Organiser is a company which specialises in the organisation and management of congresses, conferences, seminars, symposiums and similar events.

  • 6. Does it cost more money to delegates by using a PCO?

    Fortunately we have built great relationships with venues, suppliers and hotels across the country so we will be able to secure great rates for your conference needs. We can also assist in acquiring conference sponsorship which can subsidise delegate fees. So the answer is no, it shouldn't cost your delegates any more in the long run!

  • 7. Can you help us make our event more Environmentally Sustainable?

    Absolutely and we are passionate about it! We can offer solutions to reduce your waste, reuse resources and opt for recyclable product. After all we are part of nature not above it.

  • 1. Do we need a theme for our event?

    An event theme is an excellent way to provide a structure to your program as well as direction when considering speakers, social functions and workshop sessions.

  • 2. How do we set a price on registration fees?

    It's best to start with listing your registration inclusions, working out your estimated costs and then considering who your target audience is. That way you'll be able to explain how much value for money there is for delegates to attend THIS event.

  • 3. What's the best way to incentivise delegates to keep coming back to attend our conference?

    Make sure your conference program offers enough variety- think social functions, workshops, keynote speakers, giveaways and networking opportunities! It's also important to stay in touch with attendees year round so that they are just as excited about the next event as you are!

  • 4. Should we allow a payment plan for delegates to pay?

    Know your target audience! If your attendees are likely to attend in groups from an organisation then perhaps this is something to consider but we wary that you should recieve payments before providing venues with catering numbers so you're not left out of pocket.

  • 5. What type of registrations discounts should we offer?

    Early Bird Discount
    Group Discount
    Member Discount
    Flash Sales

    There's plenty of options but make sure you budget for discounts from the start!

  • 1. Do you choose the venue or do we?

    The venue is one of the most important decisions to be made when planning a corporate event or conference. We have been in the game for 10+ years and know the venues across Australia and New Zealand better than the back of our hand!

    At this end of the day, the decision is yours but we will be able to provide great advise on what venues will work for your event and why.

  • 2. How do you determine the best suitable venue to hold the conference at?

    When you're choosing the most suitable venue for your next conference be sure to consider: capacity, floor plan, trade exhibition, location, transport, parking and whether you'll need breakout rooms.

    Some venues do it better than others so be sure to ask lots of questions before signing on the dotted line!

  • 3. Is it recommended to hold a conference in a location that is suitable for where the majority of delegates are coming from or do we hold it in a location that is best suited for the company?

    Flip a coin! There's pros and cons to both options and will depend on the atmosphere you are trying to create for your event. Hosting your conference at a 'destination' will be very attractive but the additional travel costs may act as a deterent for some.

  • 4. Should we organise accommodation for delegates or is it best they organise it themselves?

    Have you heard of KISS? Keep it simple stu...

    We find that the more simple the registration process is, the more likely people will attend your event. Adding room block bookings for delegates provides a simple pay and go process for delegates and that's a bonus.

  • 1. Can you help us secure Conference Sponsorship?

    We pride ourselves on it! After all, we've raised over $6 million for our clients to date.

  • 2. How do I sponsor an Event or Conference?

    We run conferences across various industries, get in touch and we can find the right event for your brand:

  • 3. What is a Trade Exhibition? I keep hearing everyone talk about it!

    A Trade Exhibition is organised so that companies (sponsors) can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

  • 1. Do you run conferences across Australia?

    We sure do! We have been in the game for 10+ years and have run conferences in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. During that time, we have built long term relationships internationally and can help you find a venue, hotel or supplier wherever you're looking at hosting your next event.

  • 2. How many people can attend a conference that BCC manage?

    Our services are scalable so whether you're looking at hosting an event for 50 or 1500 then we're here for you!

  • 3. Do you have any Professional Accreditation?

    Our staff are members of The Professional Conference Organisers Association which is the leading body representing the interests of Professional Conference Organisers and Event Managers in Australia and New Zealand.

    The Association’s objectives are to increase the standard of professionalism and promote a better understanding of the roles, functions and contributions of Professional Conference Organisers and Event Managers and other practitioners in the conference and event sector.

  • 4. What are the Event Terms and Conditions to attend a BCC management event?

    Please visit the specific conference website for more information.

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