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Conference Keynote Speaker

How to Pick Speakers that Stand Out

Selecting speakers is a crucial step in the planning of the conference program and if strategically considered, can be leveraged as a huge marketing tool.
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How To Create a Memorable Conference Theme

A great theme will make an impression, create buzz across the industry and provide the foundation of your event planning.

So, how do you create a GREAT conference theme?

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Best Tips For A Zoom Webinar

8 tips you need to know for your next webinar

Teleconference service, Zoom Video are reporting over 300 million daily meeting participants no the platform.
If you're one of them, here are our 8 top tips before hitting that URL...
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Metropolis Events

The Best Venues with Natural Light

Access to natural light and views of the outdoors sought over for events. Here's some that we love..
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What will business events look like after COVID-19?

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt across the globe and as the shock of…

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A Snapshot of Event Sponsorship

The important steps to consider when organising sponsorship for your next business event. Sponsorship is…

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